Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sophia updates

I am a bad, bad mom. I never posted Sophia's 17 months unofficial stats.
Here they are...
1) We've packed away all 12 month clothes. Solidly in 18 months, and a few are 24 months (because her head is so big!)
2) Loves shoes and socks, and tries to put them on herself, and us. She loves to help me put my shoes on and take them off.
3) She has found the velcro on the diapers that she wears. She's been aware of the velcro on diapers she isn't wearing for a LONG time, but she's starting to play with the velcro (through her clothes), when the diaper is on.
4) She squats when she poos, and has started grabbing at herself when she pees (not sure if the grabbing is before or after the pee), but she is definately identifying something is happening down there.
5) When we ask her to dance, she's stomp in place for a bit, looks like a little jig;)
6) Dan has taught her "sumo." When you say it, she'll start to pound on her belly.
7) She is finally learning to be gentle with Sierra. Sierra is still skitish around her, but we're working on it.
8) Her fave foods can change daily. One day she'll eat bananas, the next she won't touch. Same with every other food. Luckily, she loves almost all fruit, it just depends on the day what she will actually eat.
9) She's loving her board books. I took her "pop up" book away from her b/c she was very deliberately looking at me and then ripping the pop up part off.
10) Tantrums have started. Dan and I ignore them. It's working so far.
11) Oh, oh, my FAVORITE...she is officially giving hugs. She doesn't do it on command, but her gesture is an obvious arms around the neck and then a squeeze. Her hugs are the best thing ever.
12) Still sleeping 12 hours a night, typically 7:30-7:30. We're slowly but surely getting her transitioned back to her crib.
13) Hate, hate, HATES the bath. Hate's water in her eyes.
14) Loves my bracelets and purses. And shoes. She's a girl:)
15)Not much more than babbling still, but she understands ALOT, some of which are complex statements. "get the pillow off the bed." "put your jammies in the dirty clothes." "get your wubby and milk and let's go to bed."
16) No signs of canine teeth yet. I thought for sure they were on their way, but we're still rolling with 12 teeth.
17) Tolerates her inhaler REALLY well, and even likes to help me shake the med and hold the mask to her face.
18) Fave snacks are cheerios and goldfish. And cheese. Lots and lots of cheese:)

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