Sunday, July 25, 2010

Impulse items

Our inpulse items at the grocery check-out have changed. Instead of gum and magazines, yesterday we bought a ball. For 1.69 we made Sophia the happiest girl in the world:)
And what is up with the "almost" splits. Do we have a future gymast on our hands:)?
Re: peeing while sleeping. It's happened for the past 3 nights in a row. Actually last night, she peed straight through in 1:40 minutes! Thanks for all the tips. I'm not sure that going up a size diaper will work. SHe's in size 3 now, on the low end of the weight. Size 4 just seems WAY to big, doesn't it?


Jen Wargo said...

We had to put Olivia is size 4 diapers when she had the pee the bed problem. It worked for us but Olivia is almost 22 pounds. We also have a sheet protecter, it's smaller than most, and usually she ends up cuddling with it. Luckily, this phase only lasted a few weeks and she's not doing it any more. BTW, we have a ball too and she loves it.

Lisa said...

LOL at that picture! Maybe try night time diapers? Or get a few cloth for night time use only?

Sarah Baker said...

I remember doing splits with her mom in my family room along time ago, so I can we splits in her future. Anna was peeing through the Pamper 12 hour diapers too. We tried LUVs and have not had a problem since. They will give you your money back if they leak, so it might be worth a try. We also used the sheet protectors that snap around the crib from Babies R Us. It was easier to unsnap and wash. Then messing with the bumper and sheet. I would give the LUVs a try though. Sarah

Megan said...

I tried to leave this comment a few days ago but it wasn't working. They make a diaper doubler, like a pad you stick in the night time dipe. It works like a charm. You can get them at TRU/BRU! Hope that helps.