Friday, July 2, 2010

bottle strike!

It's officially a bottle strike. Yesterday, I got home from work and Sophie hadn't eaten since 8:30 (it was almost 5). Dan was frustrated, and had been trying to feed her to no avail. I thought I would have the magic mommy touch and she'd eat for me no problem. Not quite. She pushed the bottle out with her tongue, spit, gagged, everything imaginable to keep me from feeding her. Unfortunately, I had pumped right before I left work, which is what I always do b/c she typically eats her bottle about 3 pm. So, I tried to nurse her, with no luck. Although she jumped at the chance to nurse, she got fussy b/c there was no milk. This same thing happened several days ago, except that I was able to nurse right after she refused the bottle and all was well.

I googled a bit and one of the thoughts was that it might be teething. I suppose that could be true. But it just seems like the pattern with bottle usage has been going, going, gone. The new plan is for Dan to give Sophie 2 solids during the day, and then I'll take over all nursing duties. He is completely fine with this plan, since bottle feeding does not mesh well with his impatient personality.

We attempted the sippy cup last weekend, but she's not quite getting it yet. She grabbed with both hands, stuck it in her mouth and turned it up, but that was it. I'll try again next weekend. Hopefully she'll pick it up soon, so I don't feel like I'm her main source of food. I don't mind really, but it's odd to think that outside of work, I can't be away from her for more than 5 hours at a time. Quite honestly, I don't want to be away from her for that long, but the idea that I CAN'T be feels odd to me.


Jes said...

Stopping by from Mom Loop Follow Friday! I hope you find a solution for your daughter not wanting her bottle..

I hope you stop by my blog soon...

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from Mom Loop! I had to supplement with formula a few times when I had pumped before I got home.

cooperl788 said...

Hi from Mom's Loop! Your daughter and my daughter share the same birthday! (Georgia is exactly 1 year older) Hopefully she's just teething like you thought, and this will all blow over soon.