Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm so bad. I had started drafting this last week and didn't get time to finish...so here are the abbreviated 8 month stats:)

Sophia is officially 8 months old, as of Thursday! Her unofficial stats...
1) red hair and blue eyes ( I keep saying this b/c one is sure to change colors at some point??!!)
2) Her hair is getting a bit shaggy and I'd love to give her a little trim, but I won't.
2) size 3 diapers
3) 6,9, 12 month clothes
4) she is starting to wave, although her arm movements are just wide arm strokes through the air:) She also waves in her sleep.
5) She loves the "wee,wee, wee" part of "This little piggy went to market".
6) She's been drooling for about a week, so I assume a 3rd tooth is on the horizon, although I can't feel or see anything.
7) Separation anxiety has kicked in, at least separation from me. Dan finds it curious that she has starting sitting in the hallway outside of the bathroom while I get ready in the morning. I told him it's the only way to keep her from crying!
8) She's a very distractable eater while breastfeeding. If she hears ANYTHING, she is up and looking around. It's a bit frustrating, but cute all at the same time. TMI, but she also likes to play with the bow on my bra while feeding. Again, cute.
9) Her new favorite toy is her Sesame Street remote control (more about that in a later post).
10) As Dan says, she "moonwalks" backwards. She can't go forward, so always ends up backed into a wall.
11) She can spin on her belly to get to the direction she needs.
12) She still prefers Stage 1 foods. So far, of the Stage 2 foods, she prefers the ham.
13) She ate her first Puff last night. I've been trying for awhile, but last night she finally figured it out.
14) We try the sippy cup daily, but she chews on it more than anything.
15) SHe's definately getting longer. I tried to measure her last night and I'm thinking she's about 27 inches, which is 2 inches longer than at her 6 month appt.
16) She pays no attention when I read to her, but she definately likes to play with the pages.
17) Boxes are just as fun as the toys that came in them:)
8 months!!

This is what happened when I tried to measure her with my sewing ruler:) BTW, that ruler is 24 inches

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