Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7 months!!!

Yesterday, Sophia turned 7 months. Time is flying! Her "unofficial" stats.
1) about 18 pounds.
2) Still about 25 inches long (basically no vertical growth since last pedi visit!)
3) We've moved up to Size 3 diapers
4) She can still fit in some 3-6 month sleepers/onsies. However, she must get her hips from me b/c she cannot fit in a pair of shorts unless they are at least 12 months in size!
5) She has started trying to imitate what we do with our lips. VERY CUTE:)
6) SHe's using her right hand more, thanks to our excercises.
7) Can roll back to belly, belly to back, either side.
8) Sits up easily for about 30 minutes. Only falls over every once in a while.
9) She is still refusing a bottle.
10) She doesn't quite get what to do with a sippy cup yet (we tried again this weekend).
11) She has NOT been into getting a bath lately.
12) She now fusses when we take a toy away from her.
13) She's started moving on her belly to change positions. I'm not sure what to call it, not scooting, but sort of gliding into a new position.
14) She knows Sierra now, and "talks" to her.
15) Her new song this month is The Wheels on the Bus but she ADORES the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
16) She tried applesauce a few days ago. Winner!
17) She can bear weight on her legs for about 30 seconds, as long as we are holding on to her.
18) She is officially in her crib and doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19) Her new "toy" is her pack and play. We moved it out of the bedroom, took off the bassinet and she sits and plays in there:)
20) She is holding strong at 2 teeth.
Our bedroom looks completely different without the pack and play! Unfortunately, we just moved it to the living room where it continues to take up a ton of space, but at least we have a new place to put her, safe from Sierra's paws (and fur). Crib transition is going well. She typically wakes once and needs a pacifier and then at about 6 am to eat and then will sleep for a few more hours. I feel *sort of* bad b/c I'm sure I'm missing some of her cries (that I didn't miss when she was sleeping right next to me), but it sure makes for a more solid night of sleep for me:)

Some pics from the weekend...
She started on the sheet...
As good as I could get for her 7 month picture:) And that sleeper is my new fave!
First time in the bottom of the pack and play. Go figure that of all those fun toys, she'd go for the tag.
This cracks me up. Wubbanub in the mouth and links in both hands. In her left hand the links are connected to an elephant. She doesn't seem to mind:)


Stacy said...

Way to go Sophie! You are getting so big and accomplishing so much. She is an great sleeper too in her big girl crib. :-)

Weight wise, I think she is very similar to Sadie. She was about 18lbs. at 7 months.

For the record, I think shorts run insanely small. Sadie is in 18 month shorts as of this week. Her other stuff is 6/9 months and 12 months.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I remember taking the cradle out of our room. It looked like a different room. JDaniel loved applesauce too.

Stopping from Mom Loop!

After B Comes C said...

"My kids" always go for the tags on toys. What a big girl she is getting to be. She is beautiful!