Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Your belly is hanging over the counter."

This was the sweet compliment that I was greeted with this morning. Appropriate I suppose, as I was shoving a piece of left-over shower cake in my mouth...and yes that was my breakfast, topped off with a glass of milk of course. No offense taken, I'm excited to have a bump to hang over the kitchen counter:)

33w4d OB appt was this morning. All is still looking good. Baby seems to be head down, as OB found her heartbeat about 2 inches below my belly button. Still holding at 17 pounds which is starting to make me a bit paranoid so I bit the bullet and asked Dr. S if she thought it was ok. Thankfully, she was fine with it, and told me not to worry at all. She said if baby was starting to measure small that would be a concern, but she's measuring exactly 33 weeks so we're right on track. I wonder if her measuring ahead for the last two appts was really just a result of the position baby was in? I didn't think to ask, but I'll just concentrate on the fact that dr is pleased. Because things look "perfect" now, I may not get another u/s. Dr S said she has to have justification to give over the standard 2, approved by insurance, although she did tell me she would see what she could do.

We also talked about the contraction I had last week that led me to call the nurse. She wasn't overly concerned but did say if you have more than 6 of those in an hour it's time to get to L and D. She also asked how things were going at work, to which my response was "I'm starting to slow down." She mentioned maybe reducing work hours if things start getting tough, so we'll revisit that next time. I have contemplated using a sick day once a week in Nov, which would be a nice reprieve, and also let me get some things done at home. We'll see.

She also threw me for a loop by asking if we are "all done with your classes." Um...nooooo....haven't even contemplated a class. Actually, that's not entirely true. I have thought about it, and really don't think a birthing class is for us. I get most of my info online (not the best place, but I'm good at reviewing and getting the most out of what I find) and from books. Dan will do better going in without a clue...with him, more info means more anxiety. We will probably do the hospital tour though. It's just hard to believe it's getting to that time!

Next appt is in 2 weeks, and then they start weekly. EEEEK!


Hippie Family... said...

1, she's at a size now that she'll able to move around, she'll go head down for good when she needs to go
2. do not EVER hesitate to ask your dr questions about anything. mine said he had someone ask him if it was ok to eat toilet paper..can't get stranger than that!
3. eat what you want, any/everything in moderation. cake has good things in it.. (and if you feel bad about it, toss it on top of oatmeal :D)

rollerbabe said...

yay for mcbaby. boo, i cannot do lunch fri.