Tuesday, October 6, 2009

update from dr appt

Last Thursdays appt did not happen. OB called as we were walking in the office to say she had an emergency. I guess that's what happens in the life of an OB. Soooo we rescheduled for today, and all is well.

I've gained 17 pounds, and am measuring 2 weeks ahead still. My next appt is in 2 weeks. If I'm still ahead at that point she'll schedule an u/s to get a better idea of Sophia's size. She did ask me to schedule one last appt with her, 3 days before due date, but went on to say I might not need it. I also found out that she'll be out of town on Dec 3,4,5 and I was NOT happy about that, but she didn't seem to think it was a big deal. Maybe she expects McBaby to be here a bit early?

I did ask if she could get an idea of Sophie's position. She started to push around, but then said my belly was just too tight (i.e. not enough fat to really get the leverage she needed to tell). She did say based on where she found h/b (which was in the 140s) that her head was most likely on my right side, which may confirm that what I thought were the hiccups actually were the hiccups:)

I also told her about the abdominal tightening I've been having. Last week, Sun-Thur I had episodes when my abdomen would just tighten up, hard as a rock. At first I thought they might be contractions, but there was no pain at all. Dr. S said they could have been contrax, but also could have been baby butting her butt out or something. If I have 3 in an hour I'm supposed to call.

Otherwise, we got a clean bill of health. Next appt two weeks from today.

ETA: Oh, and I talked to her about my ummm...peeing...and peeing...and peeing...she said it is totally normal although very frustrating. Seriously, I go, wash my hands and usually don't get out of the bathroom before I have to go again. She told me to be patient. Yeah right! In the AM, I go twice in about 5 minutes then walk Sierra. We're not even halfway done with our walk before I realize that I may not make it home, although I have...so far. Her walks keep getting shorter and shorter...

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Hippie Family... said...

ok, a. there is a strong possiblity you may pee yourself at some point in time, hide a pair of undies in your purse, in a ziplock bag (zip lock for the old pair but good place to keep the clean)
b. the tighting could be conrtactions, I had them, and nope, never hurt (until the end)
c. the pee issue again, take your time, make sure that you sit for a while after your done, let her shift around a bit, and then you'll go again, then be done...
d. thats so aswesome you may get another us
that's all i got..
no more fruit of the week?