Monday, October 19, 2009

A McBaby shower!!!

Yesterday was the day my friends and family helped me to celebrate Sophia. Of course, most have been celebrating with us the entire pregnancy, but this was the official "you made it, the end of this journey is near." To say I was overwhelmed by the generosity would be an understatement. There were gift, and gifts, and more gifts. Everyone is just so excited, and wrote such sincere, heart-warming comments in their cards. It was a very special day. I'll post pics once I have them...silly me forgot my camera, but there were many others there so I have no doubt the day was captured as well as it could be:)

The whole experience left me beyond exhausted. Once home, Dan helped me get everything up THREE flights of stairs to our condo. We put it all in the nursery and just shut the door. I wasn't prepared to deal with it, physically or emotionally. Unfortunately, that came back to bite me in the bootie as I was trying to fall asleep...thinking about all those things in the room next door and what would I do with them all, where would they go, what would need to be returned, etc. The end result was a total of 2 hours sleep last night.

I jinxed myself last week too. She FINALLY moved off my bladder, which allowed me total and complete relief, for the first time in about 4 weeks. I posted about it on FB, and wouldn't you know it, about 36 hours later she was back on the bladder. I am miserable once again, but this time she seems to be giving bits of relief at a time so it's not *as* bad as before.

I also have a new development today, in that my entire pelvic area feels bruised. Is it? Not sure, can't see the girlie parts anymore:) But it sure isn't comfortable and I think is making me walk funny. I googled of course, and apparently it could be her head hitting my cervix. Fun times.

Oh, AND...last week I got to experience some wonderful lightning bolt type feelings that started at belly button and worked downwards. All this pain in combination with a BH contrax. I called the nurse the next day just to run it by her. She seemed concerned that I was having this pain along with the contrax and asked about bleeding, d/c, leaking, etc. All fine on that front, but she warned me again if more than 4 in an hour than to get off my feet, chug some water and start monitoring frequency.

She also told me no need to be worried about calling to report something like this. She said at this point in the pregnancy, err on the side of caution as anything could mean pre-term labor.
I passed this on to Dan who, after the contrax and in response to "please go get my Ma.yo C.linic book" said "please don't turn back into a hypochondriac." Deer in headlights would be the most appropriate description of the look on his face when I relayed the info from the nurse. Um, yes dear this could happen sooner rather than later.

OB appt tomorrow. Really hoping for an u/s!!!!!!!!!!

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