Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recharged, and asthma

I did take the day off last Friday. Once I made that decision, it was like a cloud had been lifted! I needed that time desperately.  In addition to a 3 day weekend, Sophie also spent the weekend with my parents. It is a completely different world with two babies, not three. I got to play with them, enjoy them. Dan knew I was struggling, and so slept with one eye open all weekend. Of course, these 3 days they slept through the night except for one Connor wake-up. But that's ok, just knowing I didn't have to be "on" was a great feeling.

We cleaned, we organized, we played with babies. It was much needed. Of course, within a few hours of Sophie being home on Sunday afternoon, we were back to that frazzled and chaotic place, but at least our house was much cleaner:)

Also, re: my banana throwing, I realized that my outburst was probably also PMS related, COMBINED with general mental fatigue. Ha, that makes me feel a bit better.

Yesterday, we woke to Sophie having some pretty severe retractions, and alot of "belly" breathing. In hindsight, she'd had a very restless nights sleep, with is VERY unusual for her. She tossed and turned, talked in her sleep, etc. I gave her her Flovent and Albuterol, meaning to check on her breathing in 20 minutes. Despite my best intentions that never happened. Even though Dan is on baby duty in the AM (waking, changing, feeding, changing again because without fail they poo while they're eating), I completely forgot. I checked her breathing when we got to daycare and she was still retracting, although less. She seemed pale, but in generally good spirits. Because she has a history of decompensating so quickly, and also because she's been in the hospital in the last month, I didn't take any chances. I gave her 2 more puffs of albuteral and left for work. Daycare gave her 2 more sets of 2 puffs over the next hour but the retractions weren't lessening. Called the dr, they wanted to see her.

By the time I picked her up, and we waited for the dr she was in pretty bad shape. Sleeping in my arms, very pale, low grade fever. She just goes downhill so fast. We gave her a neb treatment in the office and that helped. She has a very raw throat, but not strep thankfully. Drs guess is another upper respiratory virus that has triggered her asthma.

She's on her 3rd round of steroids in the last 5 weeks. I HATE this for her. She seemed better this morning, in better spirits, although still retracting.

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Mejia Mamma said...

ugh, we had a pretty bad weekend with our sick daughter too - nebulizer every 2 hours on Sat. night... and Friday night I almost called 911 because she was GASPING desperately for air...SO scary!