Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We can do this!

We had another really good weekend! It gave me hope that we will get through this stage. I think alot has to do with Avery. She has settled really well into WCM, and I attribute harminony in our house in large part to her happy mood. When she's not happy, NO one is happy.

I was actually able to lie on the couch this weekend, for almost an hour. All three babies were playing around me, and no one required any major attention. It was wonderful. Dan tried to say something about how well they were playing, but I wouldn't let him, lol. Didn't want to jinx it! But, it gave me hope.

Both babies are cruising around like crazy, Avery was standing on her own this morning. I'm actually surprised she's not walking. I had expected that to happen by her 1st birthday. They're more independent and it is wonderful. With Sophie, each milestone was so bittersweet for me. I wanted her to reach them, was thrilled when she did, but then sad because she was getting bigger. With the twins, I'm ecstatic when they do something new, and don't look back at all, lol! I'm SO done with the infant stage. I'm ready to move on, see what's next. I think a large reason for that is that I know how much FUN they can be, how much fun Sophie is. With Sophie, I used to pour her into clothes that were clearly too small for her, not wanting her to get bigger (but really it was because her clothes were so darn cute). With the twins, I clean out their closet and drawers every 2 weeks or so as they continue to outgrow things.

I suppose it's time I mentioned their 12 months (now 13) unofficial stats:

1) Both weighed 21 pounds 10 oz. Not bad for less than 6 pounds at birth!! Sophie weighed 22 pounds at one year.
2) Wearing 12 month clothes. Connor can wear 18 month shirts, but not pants.
3) Size 4 dipes
4) Eating anything and everything, although Connor is much more discerning. Both LOVE bananas; Connor loves meat, they both love cheese.
5) Avery: blondish with blue eyes; Connor: red, red, red, with blue eyes
6) Avery is hell on wheels while awake, but if asleep nothing can wake her up. Connor is easy peasy while awake, but does not do the night time sleeping too well.
7) Connor adores Sophie's pink vaccuum. In addition to just playing with it, he seems to know exactly what it's for, and will mimic me when I vacuum (as best he can from a sitting position).
8) Both are very in to "push" toys right now.
9) Avery is SO easily distracted. On those rare nights that she is having trouble sleeping I have to be in a dark room, light out, door closed, otherwise she can't calm down and relax.
10. Connor has 8 teeth, with 3 molars that have pushed through recently; Avery has 7 teeth and I expect an 8th any day.
11. Avery smiles alot (and is clearly happy) but her laughs are more rare; Connor is free with the smiles and the giggles:)
12. Connor said "uh oh" last night; Dan and I swear we heard Avery say "daddy" and "couch" last week.

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