Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Peeing on the potty and Losing the Wubby (Round 1)

Sophie is dealing with two major life changes right now, potty training and getting rid of her pacifier (Wubby). My # 1 priority is potty training. She is *this* close to just getting it, but that girl has a bladder the size of Texas. She will.hold.it.all.day.long at daycare. Seriously, she will go pee at about 8 am, and then HOLD it until 5ish, when I pick her up from daycare. Occasionally, she will have an accident, but usually she has successfully held it all day.

Control issues, anyone? Hmmm...wonder who she got that from?!

From the beginning, we've let her lead the way in potty training. The longer it's dragging out though, the more forceful I am getting (and the more resistant she will sometimes get in response--hello Dan).  It's not about the cost at this point, she goes through so few dipes a day that it doesn't matter. I just want her to be DONE already.

I took her to Target last week and told her to pick out any toy she wanted, and that when she was done with dipes we would come back and buy it. Luckily, she picked a $12.99 toy:) Every time she gives me a hard time about sitting on the potty, I remind her off the game. It works, for the most part.

She likes to wear her big girl underpants, so I talk that up alot. Often, she'll wear a dipe, with underpants on top.

She seems to think she only needs to go once a day. When we are home during the weekend, I'll ask her to go try to pee, and she'll say "I already did." Other times, when sticker motivation is peaking, she'll go 3 times in one hour. I'm still waiting to figure out the "trick" for her.

Breaking the pacifier is proving to be MUCH harder. I never planned to attempt potty training and paci breaking at the same time, but as long as she is not in the mood to go bat-shit crazy when I won't let her have her Wubby, I will try. It's amazing to me that she can go ALL day at daycare without it, but the second she sees me, she pops it back in her mouth. I mean, seriously, she doesn't even use it to fall asleep during daycare naptime.

Last night, on the way home, she dropped it. Although easily in my reach, I told her I couldn't get to it and she'd have to wait until we got home. Once we got home, I kept putting her off, re-directing her, telling her that big girls don't need Wubbys. I reminded her that none of her big girl friends need one. Somehow, we made it to 7:30 until she really started breaking down. I gave in, since all night I'd been telling her she could have it for bedtime.

I mentioned that Santa might come take her wubbies at Christmas, and leave her an extra present. She wanted nothing to do with that idea.

During those times she goes bat-shit crazy, though, she is just pathetic. The look of heartbreak and sadness that is on her face when she is begging for it is just unreal. The look on her face almost makes me cry:(  I have to keep reminding myself that this is something all toddlers face. I secretly just hope she will forget about it, but I know that's not going to happen.

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