Monday, April 16, 2012

Nana. Bye-bye?

It amazes me how much Sophie still talks about her Nana. With a few exceptions, it's usually out of the blue, which always blows my mind, although it shouldn't because I often think of her at odd times too. There must have been something about yesterday...

We were both really sick this weekend, since I brought home some sort of nasty virus and unforunately gave it to Sophie. I was hanging out with her and babies in our family room, with babies in their jumparoos, and Sophie playing on the floor. I was sitting in the chair where Bonnie would have been sitting, had she been there.

Sophie brought her book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" to me, pointed to a certain page and said "nana." This caught me off guard, but then made me laugh. My mother in law HATED this book lol, and could not understand how Sophie wanted to hear it over and over. Of course, she complied with each request;) I looked at Sophie and said yes, that her Nana used to read this book to her alot, to which Sophie said "Nana, home?" I said "no baby, Nana's not at home." She then said "Nana, house?" "No baby, Nana's not at her house." An odd look came over her, as if she was trying to understand what this meant. Then, she said "Nana, my house?" "No baby, Nana can't come to your house." This clearly confused her, and she finally said "Nana. Bye-bye?" I was hesitant to say yes to this, because I didn't know how much her very literal mind can understand right now. But I said "Yes, Nana is bye-bye" and then after a few seconds finally got out "we won't see Nana anymore." Then I fought the tears. That's the first time I've been able to say that to her. She clearly didn't understand, or maybe she did. I'm not sure.

Later last night, Sophie and Avery were in bed and I was rocking Connor in the same chair I mentioned above. I felt her there, maybe because it was Sunday night and I was watching her favorite news shows. I don't know. But, I felt her there. Then Dan, out of the blue, looked at me and said "mom would have been sitting in that chair doing the exact same thing."

That was three of the five of us, and the 3 that can actually verbalize our thoughts, that mentioned her yesterday. What's up with that? Dan's birthday was on Friday, his first without his mom. Maybe this is part of it?


Anonymous said...

that is sad and beautiful. Sounds like Nana was watching over her family :)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Nana is there with you all... watching over, guiding and being so proud of all she sees. I'm so glad that Sophie got to know her Nana. Sounds like she was an amazing woman. <3
~ Jenny