Friday, July 8, 2011

19 months!

Just sitting here at work thinking of my little sweet pea, and thought I needed to make some unofficial stats.
1) 18-24 months clothes
2) hair is ALMOST long enough for a pony!!!
3) She loves her baby dolls and taking them for walks.
4) I caught her trying to put her paci in her babies mouth, and also give her milk out of her sippy:)
5) She still has a really odd facination with diapers (clean, thankfully!)
6) She gave Sierra her first hug, and Sierra actually accepted it:)
7) SHe's getting more picky with what she eats (hardly any meat), but she can chow down on just about any fruit. She has also taken a sudden liking to yogurt and applesauce.
8) She has started wanting us to put her animal cracker or goldfish snacks in a bottle! Weird.
9) First attempt at sidewalk chalk this week. She loved it:)
10)Still no words. Leaning towards speech therapy. My sister didn't talk until she was 2, and she still hasn't shut up, so that makes me feel a bit better.
11) She found a plastic tube, about 2 feet long, when we moved. She pushes it around the floor like she is mopping:)
12)She loves to sit on the couch like a big girl, and also sit on any stoop/stair she can find. I need to get her a table/chair set.
13) Size 5 shoes and they are the first thing she wants to put on in the morning.
14) She's SUCH a girly girl. She loves to carry a purse, a baby, and begs me to put lotion on her. SHe'll hold out her arms for me to lotion up, when she sees me doing it:)
15) She is now mimicking Sierra's "hairballs." So ladylike:)

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