Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sophia's first birthday has come and gone. We had a fun party, and lots of our favorite people were able to make it. I'll post pics when I can. For now, I just wanted to catch up with a post, since the time is FLYING.

Sophia's official stats are 22 pounds (60th percentile), 29 inches (40th percentile), and 95th percentile in head, lol. She's been really consistent in all of her measurements for this first year.

She is back to hating bathtime:( She won't even sit down. I have to bathe her, in the bathtub, with her standing up. She's still interested in the bathtub though. I caught her last night, peering over the side...so I put her in, and got in with her, and we played, with no water, lol. I thought I'd try a bit of desensitization. We'll see.

Also, she LOVES to point! It started a few days before her birthday, and she is pointing at everything. I'm also attempting a little bit of basic sign language (milk, water, sleep, eat, etc). She just looks at me like I'm an idiot.

BIG news is that our FET is on the books for January 21st!!!! This is assuming my period will start on Jan 2, so if it doesn't, it could be one week earlier/later. I ordered meds yesterday too, and they should be delivered next week. I can't believe we're doing this again. I found my notes from consult with Dr. K.
In the first half of 2010, there were 7 cycles in which embryos were 1) from an egg of a 30-34 year old, and 2) frozen with the vitrification method. Of those 7 cycles, there were 6 transfers; of those 6 transfers there were 5 pregnancies (83%!!); of those 5 pregnancies, there were 4 sets of twins (80%!!). Those are some darn good odds, so I'm trying to keep myself in check.

We are almost at the point of complete weaning. Sunday was the last night I nursed her at bedtime. So, it's been almost 48 hours total, and my boobs are NOT happy. There was some leaking this morning, but so far nothing else today. I came *this* close to giving in to her last night. She always falls asleep in our bed, and then I transfer her to her crib. I gave her a bottle and she didn't think twice about it, but then after she finished she got really whiny. I don't think it was b/c I didn't nurse her, I think it was more b/c she was so tired. But is was so hard to NOT give in, b/c I knew nursing her would put her right to sleep.

I'm having some pretty serious guilt about this entire thing. I need to remind myself that I had planned to wean at one year anyway.

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