Monday, December 20, 2010

Starting to play the moving game...

Dan and I spent the weekend loading two pods with all of our stuff (crap, according to Dan). We successfully filled TWO pods with bookcases, shelves, a dresser and a bazillion boxes of books and other misc stuff that we hope to not need for a few months.

Sunday, our handyman came over and helped us with some minor fixes that need to be done. So, we're *that* much closer to being able to put our condo on the market. I must say, it feels good to de-clutter. We still have a decent amount of painting to do, and some other handyman work that he couldn't get done yesterday. The deadline is January 10, which is when the realtor's photographer will come take pictures.

Thankfully, Sophia was a good girl (as usual), and let us get lots done this weekend. She goes through phases of independent play and thankfully this weekend was one of them.

Weaning is going well. After my last post about the engorgement I was having, I went home and pumped a bit. And then a bit more the next morning. Apparently, that was the trick, b/c I've had no more engorgement since then. I have leaked a bit here and there, but not much. We almost had a set-back though, last night. Sophie and I were in the tub. Yes, I'm back to getting in with her b/c it's the only way she won't throw a fit. All was fine until she turned around in the tub and saw my boobs. And she tried to go for it, lol, and I ALMOST let her, but fought it. We got out of the tub quickly after that.

Her nighttime sleep has also changed since weaning. She's sleeping an hour more in the morning. I'm assuming it's because she's more full from the whole cows milk??

Here are some of the latest pics.

She's learning how to hug and "pat" her baby on the back. I LOVE it:) See all that crap behind her? It's in the pod now...but not her toys!

Love this too...not much longer before that crawl will turn into a walk.

Loving her baby chunk:)

"Helping" me decorate the tree:)

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Fran said...

She loves Christmas!! And what an exciting time is going to be for you too as soon at 2011 starts! Much love, Fran