Thursday, December 30, 2010

time for the over-analyzation of...everything.

Guess what? I'm spotting! This is great, but is causing such much UNanticipated anxiety. I haven't been keeping up with my cycles for the past 4 months, only know that they have been extremely regular. My nurse anticipates my period to start this Sunday, but if I'm already spotting I might start earlier. B/c that's how I've been rolling with pp periods.

THis morning, my neurotic thinking kicked into action as I was thinking about my GREAT prolactin level. I actually thought "I wonder if they got my test mixed up with someone elses? This would mean my prolactin could be really high, and prevent implantation. Should I call to make sure they gave me the right number?" YES, I really pondered calling, but then realized what an absolute freak-squad I was being and let it go...but the thought is still there lingering.

I'm feeling the need to update about Sophie's "un-official stats" before Jan 5. She's doing so much fun stuff right now, and I just don't want to forget it. For the last month or so, she's taken to lying on her belly in the middle of the floor. She'll just roll over on her belly, and lie there, cute as can be. I can also see the start of tantrums. When she's in belly pose, she has recently started to kick her feet on the ground. No screaming yet, but I'm anxiously anticipating.

I know I've mentioned before she points at EVERYTHING. She LOVES pointing at pics of herself on the wall. I assume she doesn't realize it's her, but when I say "where's the pretty baby" she points to her pictures:)

I realized last night that she is off the bottle! We've gradually been eliminating it, and now, suddenly, it's gone. YAY big girl:)

She LOVES straw sippies. She'll tolerate regular sippies, but in her world, the straw rules.

She discovered my nostrils. She broke my headband. SHe likes to rip the paper off of her nesting blocks. She continues to growl/grunt when hungry---very sexy:) She's been hanging out with all three Wubbanubs in tow, lately. She likes to feed Sierra....with people food. She is infatuated with my bathroom. She loves all trashcans, as well as their contents. She likes to "help" Dan empty the dishwasher.

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Rebekah said...

1. Yay for spotting! Let's do this!
2. Don't make yourself sick worrying about this. The odds of a mix up are SO slim!
3. Doesn't it get more and more fun with each stage. I hope the tantrum stage isn't too bad. We ignore H, and he seems to deal with whatever very quickly and move on!