Friday, December 3, 2010

un-official stats for ONE year!!!

Well, the time is almost here for my baby girl to turn 1!! To be exact, 12:07 pm on December 5. Because I know this weekend is jam-packed, I thought I'd give Sophia's un-official stats a few days early.
1) size 3 diapers
2) 12-18 month clothes
3) EIGHT teeth!
4) SHe has discovered that drawers and cabinets open.
5) She delights in pulling things out of said drawers and cabinets, lol:)
6) She does not find it the least bit fun when the things she pulls out get put back in!
7) Sleeping overnight in her crib (finally!). She might wake up a time or two, but always goes back to sleep. I have NOT gone in to save her.
8) Falls asleep about 8:30, and sleeps until about 7 am.
9) Loves her glo-worm.
10)She gets one bottle of cows milk in the morning (4 oz). Otherwise she is still drinking breastmilk, whether fresh or frozen.
11) We're down to 2 nursing sessions. One when I get home from work and the other before she goes to bed. Next session to go (on Monday) is the one when I get home from work.
12) Loves to sleep on Dan's belly;)
13) Has found my belly button, and will point to it when I say "where is mamma's belly button."
13) Knows the term "wubby"...her Wubbanub (soothie).
14) She is as hot-blooded as her dad. SHe is a sweater, and fleece is not her friend.
15) SHe has my laid back personality. Not too much gets on her nerve.
16) She and Sierra and getting better at coexisting.
17) Stands on her own. I don't think walking is far behind.
18)Loves putting her toes in her mouth at diaper changes, assuming she is willing to stay on her back. I've had to change a few diapers later with her standing up.
19) SHe is intrigued by the fridge, and it's always a rush to get in/out before she can get there.
20) She eats. Alot. All the time.
21) She's starting to give kisses, which is more of an open mouthed saliva bath on my cheek. I adore her kisses:)

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Jen Wargo said...

That's so sweet, I love that you do this. It's so funny how different babies are. Olivia is just a few weeks ahead and only has 2 teeth but is in size 5 diapers. She's a sweater too lol.