Thursday, November 11, 2010

The FET plan:)

Phew...I went in Monday to get my P4 drawn to make sure I wasn't close to O'ing. I forgot my purse at home, and then had some serious anxiety when I pulled into the parking lot. I got the call that my P4 was where it should be for the cycle day, so we went in yesterday to talk to Dr. K.

She did the SHG and TET first. When she walked in to the u/s room, she looked dissapointed that Sophia wasn't there, lol. I told her she was in the waiting room with Dan and she was happy again:) She asked if Sophie had learned how to say "Aunt Sarah" yet (her name). I told her no, but she would:) The procedures hurt like a mo-fo...and the dildo-cam...what more can I say about that??!

The good news is that everything looked fine. Next up was the consult. She and the rest of the staff oohed and aahhed over our sweet girl for a few minutes, and then we got down to business. Turns out that we have three embies, not two. The third one is necrotic, so obviously not the best option, but it looked good enough that the very picky lab had decided to freeze it in the first place.

The GREAT news is that in Jan 2009 the lab switched to a new freezing technique, vitrification. Apparently, this is a stellar method:) In the first 1/2 of 2010, for FETs where the embies were frozen using this method (and in my age range when embies were retrieved), the stats are as follows...7 FETs resulted in 5 pregnancies; 5 pregnancies resulted in 4 sets of twins. Holy cannoli. Essentially, if we can get pregnant, there's an 80% chance of twins.

She never gave us a percentage for us, but bottom line, our chances are MUCH better this time around than they were with FET #1.

The plan is for me to wrap up bfing by the end of the year. I'll start Estrace with my January cycle (most likely early in the month), with FET planned for a Friday in late January or early Feb.

I'm a bit intimidated by the likelihood of twins, but we're just as likely to be one of the two couples for whom this doesn't work. So we'll see. We're going with it. Dan was completely freaked out, but when I asked if he wanted to postpone/not do it at all, he said absolutely not.


Fran said...

Oh my God! Can you see the similarities here? I may hopefully be busy with my baby by the time you go for FET which is very similar to what you were doing when i was having my FET!! I wouldn't be too worried about twins for now, just go with the flow! Can't wait to see how you get on!

Lucy said...

So exciting to be getting started!