Thursday, September 23, 2010


I found out yesterday I have B12 and Vitamin D deficiencies. For a few months now, I have just been dragging. I haven't really complained about it, just figured it was something I signed up for as a working mom. I've been tossing around going to the dr, but kept putting it off. Finally, when I woke up the Tues morning after Labor Day and felt as tired as I did before the 3 day weekend even started, I decided to make an appt. The main issue, other than complete exhaustion is that I've had alot of trouble concentrating, making connections, and just generally having this feeling of "foggy brain." If someone were to ask me what happened in the meeting yesterday, I couldn't answer immediately. I'd have to stop and think of what day it is today, what that would make yesterday, and then work my way mentally through the day to get to the meeting. I feel like it's starting to affect my job a bit, and that's not good.

So, I made an appt with a new dr. I hate my old PCP, and my gyno wouldn't do the b/w for me. He called last night to say I have both Vit D and B12 deficiencies. I'm going to start taking an IM injection for the B12 and a pill for the Vit D. He was surprised that both were low, especially the Vit D, since it's summer time. I think he said I'll take 3 injections once a week and then get tested again.

So, that's my latest story. Oh, and the bigger news that I will post about later (once I have more to report) is that I made the call to Dr. K to get my FET consult scheduled. Sandy (secretary) and I are in conversations to figure out what is going to work schedule-wise. I didn't realize that I need to have a period before getting my SHG and TET done again. BUT, she is checking with Dr K to see if that is absolutely necessary.

Now, two of my favorite new pics:)


Fran said...

Well...at least now you know what is wrong!! You must have felt awful...you poor thing. And FET is on the cards!! Woooohooo I'm ever excited about this as you will be my first blogger again going for number two after I followednumber 1 too!! Fran

Heidi said...

Sorry to hear it. Hubby has the same thing, to the point that he developed osteoporosis (yes, my HUSBAND is on Fosamax). Endocrinologists have never been able to figure out why, but he doesn't metabolize B12 or D properly, which in turn affects calcium levels (the prime suspect, celiac disease, was ruled out by both genetic analysis and tissue biopsy). Suffice it to say that eventually they were able to get him on the right cocktail of B12/vit D/calcium citrate (he also had to abandon vegetarianism, but that's actually been fun!), and all is back to normal. He has regained most of his lost bone mass, and will be able to discontinue the Fosamax soon.

Hope your situation can also be resolved with a few vitamins and a some B12 rich food (Lobster, anyone?). xxoo

Hippie Family... said...

check out the book "When your body gets the blues" - it's a life changer, nothing too crazy (maybe a few parts but ignore those) it's a good book.