Friday, September 17, 2010


Sophia graduated from PT yesterday!!! I was shocked! Dan went into the appt thinking it would be her last, but I didn't. I still thought I was seeing a bit of a tilt, but I guess not. Beth (PT) said "she looks great, I don't see any tilt at all." We watched her play for about 45 minutes and Beth was able to see Sophie reaching with both hands, rotating her kneck to the right, pulling herself up to stand, and crawling. She said that she usually schedules a follow-up once the neck is fixed, but the infant can't stand yet, but b/c Sophie CAN and DID in front of her, we are good to go:) The only thing we need to keep an eye on is her hip position while crawling. She tends to be a bit "wide" and in an perfect world she needs to bring her legs up under her hips when she crawls. Since she only started crawling a few weeks ago, Beth suggested giving it a bit more time and see if she self-corrects as she gets more used to crawling. So YAY! No more appts, not more co-pays, lol:) And, Sophie gave Beth the biggest smile as we were leaving:)

In other news, we have a definate "mamamamama" now. I thought I heard it a few days ago, but just once so I wasn't sure if I imagined it. Last night though, at 4 in morning, I heard it loud and clear. When I went it to get her she was standing in her crib yelling "mamamamamama." Now, how could I be upset about that?!?!?!

She's also discovered her fingers. She will spend minutes at a time just waving to herself, staring at her fingers.

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Fran said...

Well done little one!!