Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9 months

Sophie is officially 9 months old. It is so hard to believe, but true. Where is my baby??!!! Her unofficial stats...

1) red hair and blue eyes
2) size 3 diapers
3) size 4 diapers at night (yes, this is working for us!!)
4) I can still squeeze her into some 6 month clothes, but she is solidly in 9-12 months.
5) She claps with her fists:)
6) Crawling forwards and backwards
7) Pulling to stand, on me and other objects
8) Understands "no" and usually listens!
9) Loves to pick up the most minute things off the floor! And then, she just stares at them:)
10) She had her first pickle last night and it went over well.
11) Lies her head on our shoulder when she gets really sleepy
12) Loves toys that play music
13) Not interested in Baby Einstein or Jumparoo at all, mobile is a thing of the past also
14) Loves to look at her picture (although I'm not sure if she knows it's her, or just a baby?)
15) says dadadadadadada, babababababababa
16) starting on her K/hard C sounds
17) She has my nose crinkle:) Finally, I can see myself in her!
18) 4 teeth coming in on top. God help us!
19) moved into big girl car seat
20) Got her first hair cut last night!

Official stats, per her pedi visit on Wed
19.9 pounds (50-75th percentile), 27 inches long (25 percentile), 90% percentile head size. Hey, at least she's consistant:)

Dr. R said in so many words that she needs to be drinking more milk. She thinks that her frequency of eating cannot possibly be enough to get her to to the 25+ ounces she needs. I was attempting to eliminate the nighttime feeding, but not for awhile I guess. She also wants us to start feeding her 3 solid meals a day. We are really lazy with this, I admit it. We both need to work harder at it. I think at this point it's more about getting her into a routine.

I was glad for Dan to hear that table foods are fine. He didn't believe me!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the last few weeks.

Hello, can they LOOK any more alike?

Her first Rams game

I just love this one:)

This was taken at our block party. I LOVE the expression on her face:)

What can I say, she's cute!

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