Sunday, August 29, 2010

A good (??) Friday

Three important things happened yesterday.

1) Sophie's PT appointment went really well!!! At her last visit her tilt was measuring 2-3 degrees, and yesterday it measured 1-2 degrees! I expected a good report, but hearing it from PT really made my day:) As usual, we are to continue with the stretches we've been doing, and the new excercise she gave us is to help her in her "pull to stand." Thankfully, the only hard part is getting her IN to the position. Once there, it's fine and she doesn't resist. We DO have to watch that she is doing her transition to lying down and to sitting up the right way. I've been instructed to correct her if she tries to sit by scooting into it.

Also, I asked her about Sophie's amazing flexibility. As I thought, it is a product of wearing the harness for so long. Basically, she is most comfortable with her hips spread far apart. It's not "natural" for her to sit with her legs close together. We're supposed to correct it anytime we see it by just moving her legs closer together. If that doesn't work, there are shorts called "hip helpers" that should help to correct this (or at least encourage her to sit the way she needs to sit). PT said that uncorrected, this can lead to MORE hip problems in the future. Ugh.

On the upside, Sophia's look to the right is perfect, she's transferring objects from one hand to the other really well, and she's using her right hand alot more.

2) Sophie is trying to STAND on her own!!! Holy crap! We looked down on Friday night and there she was...I took a video, but of course it is taking HOURS to upload so here is a still shot.

3) This new development is where the ?? in my title came from. My period started. yuck.blah. ick. I figured out that I haven't had one in over 18 months. I must say, it was nice while it lasted. Trying to look at this positively, now I can start monitoring my cycles and see how on (or off) track they actually are, post pregnancy.

More later today about a convo I had last night with a woman who had NO boundaries....


Lisa said...

Sounds like she's doing great! And growing up so fast!

Fran said...

Great appointment!! Love her progress and I'd say she'll be walking soon! Ahhw sorry AF showed up (unexpected I imagine) but it's good that your body is back to normal. Much love, Fran

Rebekah said...

Great news! Look at your big girl-so cute!! And boo to AF-she sucks!

Lucy said...

beautiful pix! she's getting so big!