Friday, April 9, 2010


We've finally decided that it's time to move. After 7 years we've officially grown out of our little condo. Actually, we outgrew it a long time ago but just kept ignoring that fact. Over-sized baby gear makes it impossible to ignore any longer. And that fact that our "junk" room is now a nursery and our sunroom is the new "junk" room is just the icing on the cake.

It's time for a house, for less stairs and for a backyard for Sierra and room for a swing set:) I hate that if we had sold 2 years ago we would have made significantly more money than we will now.

We're putting it on the market in January. We'd love to do it sooner, but it needs some pretty heavy duty work, + our realtor (who is also a good friend) thinks it will do better in the winter months when there is less competition. The bad news is that we have to overhaul the entire kitchen. I have known this forever. I HATED the kitchen when we moved in, but just somehow got used to it I guess. We talked with Home D.epot last week and paid to have a professional measurer come take a look. He sent those numbers back to the kitchen designers at HD and we are meeting with them today to get prices. It's not going to be cheap, but needs to be done if we have any prayer of selling. I am excited though to have a brand new kitchen, even if it's just to enjoy it for a few months.

Nothing too new with Sophie. She hasn't pood since her poo-splosion last week so I'm anxiously anticipating the next one:-/ She is working on new sounds now, and has really been working with her tongue lately. Also, I think she might have curly hair! I noticed one little lone corkscrew curl that she's had for awhile, but last night, after her bath I was trying to give her a mohawk style (it's really the simple things that bring me pleasure) and the hair on top of her head most definately has some waviness, if not curls. Usually, I just brush it to the side, trying to get a part started so I haven't noticed it before now. Of course I took pics and will post tonight.

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Stacy said...

Good luck getting your condo ready to sell. Hope you get a good price for it in January!

And hope you don't see any poo explosions. We had one last night in the jumperoo, which we now affectionately call the pooperoo because she goes every time she is in it. :-)