Monday, April 5, 2010

Falls, rolls, and poo

Wow, quite the eventful weekend in Sophia's world. Let's start with...


Dan called me at work to let me know that the inevitable happened. He had her positioned in her boppy, on the couch, and went to heat up her bottle. He heard a thud. He looked over to see her face down on our hardwood floor. She screamed bloody murder until he picked her up, then stopped, then started again once she realized she really did hurt. The cries finally turned into smiles. She had a little red mark that was all but gone by the time I got home from work.

For those that are thinking "boppys aren't for sitting" and "why was she left alone ON the boppy ON the couch" the answer would be to this point it hasn't been a problem. She LOVES sitting on her boppy, propped up next to us. Lesson learned. We won't do that again. I actually had a feeling last week that I should probably tell Dan to stop doing that during the day. Her neck just keeps getting stronger and stronger and something told me...but I didn't listen.


Sophie and I met Stephanie in the park to take some pics for her 4 month birthday. It was a great day, and her first trip to the park so that was fun. We got home, I put her down on her comfy pile of blankets (where she loves to play) and went about my business. I heard Dan say "there she goes" and I'm like "WHAT, WHERE?" She rolled over:) From back to belly...not COMPLETELY flat on her belly, she just couldn't quite get her arm out of the way. This was the end result of that first roll.

We had a poo-splosion. Sophie hadn't pooped in SIX days! We weren't concerned b/c she didn't seem constipated or uncomfortable. I was sitting with her on my lap, facing away from me. She started lifting her head off my chest and looking at me. I thought it was odd but didn't think anything about it. Well, I rubbed my hand over her belly and ew. Just ew. At first I thought she had peed through her diaper. Um. No. Poo. Poo all over. I got her to the changing table and it was poo everywhere. Hands. Armpits. Fat rolls. EVERYWHERE. This officially took the record for worst poo experience to date. I tried to clean her up, but just wasn't making any progress. I finally just put her in the bathtub.


We spent Easter at my parents house, where (as Dan put it) Sophie got passed around like a football. I could tell it was irritating him, but she is in high demand these days, and better to just get it out of the way. Once every one had had their turn, I put her down on a blanket (which is one of her favorite past times lately). She can entertain herself for over an hour, playing with her fingers, her small toys or just looking around. She entertained all the grandparents by rolling over (back to belly again). That darn elbow was still in the way, so I positioned her so she was fully on her tummy and this is what we got...

Doesn't seem like much, but this is most definately new. Not only did she NOT cry while on her belly, she lifted head and shoulders for quite a little bit. THEN, she rolled belly to back for the first time. She landed with a little thud and got a little startled, but in all seemed ok with the experience, lol. I had a feeling that was going to happen, so luckily got the whole thing on video. If only I could get my video to upload here, we'd be all set. Anyhoo...an entire room full of people cheered her on when she plopped over onto her back:)

And for the required Easter dress pic...


Jen Wargo said...

I could have written this exact post about 3 weeks ago, funny how these milestones and mishaps happen. I guess we're learning. She's so pretty by the way!

Stacy said...

Congrats on rolling over, Sophie!!! Can you please come teach Sadie how to do it? She wants no part of it.

She looks so adorable in all of her new pics. She is getting so big!

Sounds like she was a big hit at Easter! :-)

Poo explosions are no fun. Wait until she starts solids. I think Sadie has had an explosion about once every other day since then. Her record was three in one day, all of which required a bath.

Jennifer said...

Go Sophie!! She is just the sweetest little girl - so cute!

I think EVERYBODY let's their kids hang out in Boppies, and if they deny it, they're lying!

I even let my boys nap in their boppies ;-)