Friday, April 16, 2010

Got milk??

I have to say, it's still odd to me to do something so personal as to pump breast milk at work. I have my own office thankfully, and I have a cute little "do not disturb" sign for my door, but it's weird. I mean, when people hear my door shut and see the sign, they KNOW what I'm doing. How could they not? And if they didn't, if they listened closely enough they could hear the pump motor running. Thankfully I work with mostly females, almost all social workers, so the level of discomfort is not nearly as bad as it might be elsewhere.

HOWEVER...yesterday I freaked. I had a meeting from 4-5. I was rushing around, trying to get home so Dan could walk Sierra. He still hasn't found the courage to take Sophie and Sierra at the same time, so until then Sierra suffers until I get home.

I packed up my pump, grabbed all my crap to take home and ran to grab my pumped milk out of the fridge. Got it, no problem. THen I realize, OMG one of the bottles is MISSING. Not there. WHAT???!!! There should have been 3 bottles but there were only 2. WTH? Someone stole some milk??? I wrap the bottles up really well in a plastic grocery bag, so I know it's not obvious to anyone what the bag contains, unless they see me come out of my locked office with the sign on the door and stick the bag in the fridge. Then, it's obvious.

I couldn't even think. Then, the thoughts started pouring in. Did I leave it on the counter, did I leave it in the bathroom, did I leave it in the conference room. (I had not been to ANY of these places, so my thoughts were obviously irrational). All I knew was that I had to find the damn bottle.

Turns out I had set it off to the side, on my desk, and in my rush to get to my 4 pm meeting I forgot to put it in the fridge. Crisis averted, but for those few minutes my mind was flowing with all sorts of embarrasing scenarios.

But then, I went home to one of the sweetest things. Dan was lying in the floor with Sophie "playing Glo-Worm." Ah. My heart just melted. Of course he plays with her alot, but for me to get home after such a busy day and walk in to such a sweet scene was just wonderful. Definately picture worthy, but isn't everything picture worthy these days:)

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