Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tummy time success!!

We finally have tummy time success. It's been getting better over the last few weeks, but it's never consistent. Just b/c Sophia likes it one doesn't mean she'll like it the next. I've learned a few tricks. One is to wait until she's getting close to eating, then her belly won't be full and she's more comfy and two is that I have to "join" her in tummy time. It's not enough to put her on her tummy and walk away, or just stare at her from afar. She wants me on the floor with her, we're talking eye to eye. I talk to her, sing to her, show her a toy...anything to distract her from the terror she thinks is tummy time.

Thursday night she actually FELL ASLEEP while on her tummy. And the real kicker is ME, paranoid, neurotic ME, left her that way...and walked out of her nursery. You're shocked right? That I left her that way. Let me just say that I assessed the sitch before I left, and was back every 3-4 minutes to make sure she was still breathing, so what is normally a relaxing time for me (when she naps), was actually 30 minutes of work, but that's OK:)

Trying out the Sepia function on my new camera!
"Ok mom, naps over. Time to play."

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Lisa said...

She is just precious! I wish my DD would like tummy time- its a battle!