Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Her hips are good:)

We had a follow-up appt with the pediatric orthopedist yesterday. Instead of an u/s, they took an x-ray of Sophia's hips. Oh, she looked so little up on that table. It's hard to believe that the first time we took her there, she was only 9 days old, and weighed not quite half of what she weighs now.

The good news is that her hips look great! According to Dr. K, everything is where it should be. So, she'll reduce the amount of time spent wearing her harness from about 16 hours a day, down to only wearing it overnight. Dr. K didn't even give an hour per day to wear it, just said during her overnight sleeping, which works out to be 10-12 hours. And, they fitted her for a new harness, size medium (her first was a small, and she didn't have much more room for adjustment). I'm just thankful for a new one b/c her first one was looking g.r.o.d.y. It's hard to keep that thing clean!

I know that she is happy to have so much freedom to move around now. That was really bothering me over the past few weeks, b/c during each diaper or clothing change she would just stretch and stretch, and I felt horrible putting her back in the harness. Last night, she was laying in her crib, and just moving and grooving and rocking. In about 30 minutes, she had turned 180 degrees from the way I layed her initially.

So the next step in the hip issue will be for her to stay in this medium size harness 10ish hours per day until she's 6 months, at which time she'll go back for another x-ray to make sure things are staying on track. At that point, they'll fit her for a different harness, which will wrap around her legs only (without the shoulder straps like her current one). She'll wear that one overnight from 6-12 months. The critical x-ray will occur at 12 months and will tell us what is next, if anything.

I love being able to pick her up without the harness and just give her hugs and cuddles:) And, I asked Dr. K about being able to use the bumbo seat and our carriers. She gave the bumbo a thumbs up, which I figured she would. I pulled that out last night and gave it a try. She tended to lean to the side, so I might have to prop her up with a towel the next time. She didn't seem to mind it though. We also got a thumbs up to my fabric sling, but only for 2 of the carrying positions. We got a huge thumbs up to using the Baby Bjorn, since using it puts her legs into the same position that the harness does. It's a good thing too, b/c we've already used that twice. My theory (about her leg positioning b/c the same as in the harness) was good thankfully.

I'm excited to try out the fabric sling, but may have to take it back for a smaller size. It comes in M and L, and I have the large. I have lost ALOT of weight and think the large is going to be too big. Well, alot of weight for me anyway. I think I mentioned that I lost the 23 pounds I gained during pregnancy in 10 days. Since then, I've lost another 12. I had gained 10 pounds with all of my IVF meds, so I am officially 2 pounds less than before I started any meds (and almost back to my wedding weight which is REALLY hard to believe). Some of my pants literally fall off of me. It's incredible to look at my stomach and think Sophia was ever IN there!

I know I am way overdue in posting, and have lots more to say (as well as pics to post) but will save that for the next post, in the next day or so. Working full time and being a responsive, engaging mom is quite time consuming:) I try to be cognizant of the fact that she needs her alone/quiet time, but it's so hard for me to let her just lie there when I'm home. So other than eating dinner and maybe watching a bit of TV, I'm at her beck and call until she goes to bed:)


Stacy said...

That's wonderful news! I am so happy she is doing well. I bet she loves being out of the harness during the day.

And she will get the hang of the Bumbo seat. Sadie loves hers. I don't know how much longer her chubby thighs will fit in there though. :-)

Hooray on the weight loss. That is awesome!

Rebekah said...

Great news! I'm so glad she is getting some time to move around and stretch!

Way to go with your weight loss! Awesome!