Friday, March 12, 2010

Professional pictures

We have a "First Year" package with a local photographer to get pics taken when 1) Sophia is/was a newborn, 2) when she is 6-8 months old (essentionally when she is sitting up well, but not yet crawling, and 3) one year.

Here are the Newborn pictures, taken when she was only 9 days old. She was so, so, SO tiny. We left the photo session that day, went home to regroup (b/c it was an event), and then went to Children's for our first meeting with the Orthopedist. It was also the day she got fitted for her harness. A couple humorous points to this day were 1) she peed on Dan's shirt during the shoot, and 2) her umbilical cord fell off...but not until we got home. The photographer had us in all of these CRAZY positions to get good shots, but also to hide her umbilical cord stump. Both of our backs were aching when we left her studio and if I remember correctly we were both sweating...and it was mid-December. Anyhoo...we got home, I changed her diaper and thought "what the hell is THAT"...it was her stump. After all that work to hide it for the pics, it fell off on the ride home:)

Shana (the photographer) was actually going for the closed eyes look for Sophia, but she was having none of that. I was instructed to feed her before we left home, in hopes that she would be drowsy. This worked until we had to handle her so much to hide that silly stump. So I had to feed her 1/2 way through. This was my first "out in public" nursing session, although it wasn't really public. It was definately out of my comfort zone of the nursery though. Oh, and when I changed her prior to nursing, she pooed all of the blanket I had (thankfully) thought to lay down.

These are actually pictures of the pics, since we didn't get electronic files of the photos she took. The first two are 16 x 16 are actually on stretched canvas which is waaayyyy cool. The one of me with her is a matted 8 x 10.
Funnily (is that a word?) enough, when I saw this one at the studio, for a good long minute I wasn't sure if it was the right picture. I wondered if someone had photoshopped my head on someone elses body. Couple that with the fact that Sophia really does not look like that anymore and I was really not sure it was us! I told the photographer I didn't have a black boat-neck top and she reminded me that I'd had on a v-neck, which (in all of our efforts to pose) had gotten stretched to look like it does in the picture. Crazy.

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