Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Routines, updates and birthday pics:)

Things are status quo around here. Trying to solidify a routine, if that's even possible. Seems Sophia likes sleeping 10 pm-10am (ish). She'll wake up once about 3 am and eat, and then again between 6-7. She typically goes back to sleep right after each feeding. So in all, not a bad nightime for us. Daytime, she eats anywhere from every 2-4 hours.
She still naps during the day, some days more than others but there are days that those naps are MAYBE 30 minutes. Otherwise, her big blue eyes are staring at us all day long:)
I think she's on the tail end of her 6 week growth spurt. There were a few days when she would just eat, and eat, and eat...followed by a few days of nothing but sleeping. One in particular I swore she was asleep 11 out of her typical 12 "daytime" hours, and would not sleep that night, but she did. And although we've increased her bottles to 3 oz, she's still sucking on her hand after several of them so I may try a bit more and see what happens.

Today, I'm leaning more towards exclusively pumping, especially as her appetite increases. I just don't feel confident in knowing how much she's getting when she nurses. Plus, it seems like she's hungrier faster when she nurses vs. when she's fed with a bottle so there must be something to my theory.
Her eyesight seems to have expanded as well. I'm pretty sure she can see several feet now. Her eyes also try to seek out me or Dan when we talk:) OH AND...last night Dan was holding her, trying to burp her and she held her head up off of his shoulder for a good 5 minutes:) My big girl!!!
Newborn clothes are almost a thing of the past. She's outgrown some already, but the rest have short lives I think. I keep putting her in my favorite sleeper b/c I know it's just a matter of time:( We've also graduated to size 1 diapers. We've actually been using them for a bit, but it's official that the newborn ones (of which we had one left in the diaper bag) just don't get the job done anymore, if you know what I mean;)

I've figured out my job status and when I'm going back. I'll save that for another day, as I'm sad and frustrated and still in a bit of denial.

Now for the birthday pics. I had breakfast with Stephanie this weekend and she gave me the CD of all the pics she took. Here are some of my faves. We're just so glad that she was able to be there to document this for us.
Just try to resist this face:) This may also be a blackmail pic in future years!

I was a bit out of it, but I'm pretty sure this was Dan's first time holding her.

Definately my first time holding her:)

Hands down, my 3 favorites:)


Hippie Family... said...

you sound like you've really got it down well!
The bottle vs nursing is easy, she gets more faster from the bottle so by the time her brain says "ugg, I'm full, her belly is over full" vs nursing where it's slower and more even flow and she has to work harder (and you burn more calories while shes nursing) so that makes a difference. I never liked not knowing exactly what she was getting when not having a bottle, but I never preferred the bottles at home. I guess I was lazy and hated washing bottles (hee hee)
I swear I saved every one of her 0 to 3 month outfits until she was 15 months old and I went thru the tub again and wondered on half of them if she even wore some! :) I strongly vote save save save and wear the favorites as much as possible! You are so right!..
You really seem to have gotten the hang of this so much faster then I!

Marcu said...

She is so beautiful!