Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh the joys...

I have mastitis. I woke up 2 days ago feeling like I was getting the flu, but fairly certain I wasn't after a flu and H1N1 vaccine. I was lethargic and achy and had a low grade fever accompanied by chills. On top of that, I had SERIOUS, HORRIFIC pain in my right breast. When I hold Sophie, her head is always on my right arm and I could hardly stand to hold her, b/c her weight was just too much to stand. Fun. I have my 6w pp appt with Dr. Streiff on Friday but didn't feel like I should wait so I called the nurse. Turns out it's not the flu, but mastistis. I have it on both sides:( Dr. S called in some antiobiotics and I was already starting to feel better yesterday. Things seem even better this morning, so I'm hoping it completely clears up soon. I didn't bf yesterday. I didn't want to take the chance of Sophie moving the wrong way; I just couldn't fathom the pain. At least with a pump, I have a little more control! So she got mega bottles yesterday and did just fine. I really think I might want to try exclusive pumping. We'll see.

Also, yesterday Sophie had a dr appt. We thought she was getting shots but that's not until 2 months. We did, however, have lots to discuss/lots of questions. First things first, she is up to 9.5 pounds, so has gained almost 2 pounds since birth. She also grew .5 inch. Interestingly, she is in the 25% percentile for height and weight (I find this odd b/c I guess she really is a smallish size baby), and 75% in head circumfrence. She definately has Dans head!

I assumed she's been having some digestive issues. She's been spitting up for the past week or so, which is a new thing. Dr. R said that's normal with bf babies around 4 weeks so nothing to worry about. SHe's also been having some issues with the other end. She will just scream these blood curdling screams and she seems extremely constipated, and in pain. Dr. R said it's not uncommon for bf babies to go up to a week with only one poop (!!!) and so she was definately not constipated since she goes several times a day. She told me to watch my diet and see if I can identify anything that might be making her uncomfortable. If I can't, the general, vague dx was "a little bit colic-y." Poor girl:(

Dr. R asked us all the developmental questions and she passed with flying colors. Smiling, cooing (LOVE this!), increased neck strength.

My friend Stephanie who took our maternity pics was also at the hospital for Sophie's birth. I've had a sneak preview of some of the pics and will get the rest this weekend. Steph works for the STL Post-Dispatch and asked if she could write a short blog post (focusing on the pics not the story). Here's a link...


Carrie M. said...

So sorry you had mastitus! I had it too about a month ago. Its horrific. Glad you're feeling better!

I've been EP for a while now and its really not so bad. We have the conveinence of a bottle and its free.

Fran said...

You poor thing! So glad you feel better already. I checked out your friend's blog and I loved Sophia's little inked foot!! Fran