Wednesday, January 27, 2010

could be worse

I met with the surgeon this morning. He looked at the abscess and gave me 3 options.

1) a series of aspirations until the meds help kill the infection and the cavity can close up

2) drainage tubes which essentially does the same thing as #1, but wouldn't require me to keep going to office

3) incision to clear the cavity and then have to deal with gauze and packing/unpacking wound until it heals

Obviously we wanted to go with least invasive so I chose option 1. However, he aspirated on the spot and got half of what they got yesterday, which apparently is alot considering it was less than 24 hours later. He basically said that unless we were proactive, we could be looking at option 3 regardless. So he made the executive decision to go with option 2. So, drainage tubes are being "installed" haha tomorrow, and I'll go back next Wed for a follow-up. He just felt strongly that he didn't want the area to explode on me over the weekend and have to deal with it myself. He seemed to feel that this might actually happen and I'm grateful to not have to worry about going to ER.

Best news though, is that he doesn't want me to stop bfing or pumping. At this point, it would actually be detrimental to healing process b/c I'd get engorged and the cavity would just keep filling. So, he told me to keep going!!

I am dreading tomorrow. I really have no idea what to expect.


Stacy said...

Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Glad you can continue bf. Still sending lots of good thoughts your way. Keep us updated.

Fran said...

You are in my thoughts, it'll go well tomorrow, I think it's the best option too, hopefully you'll feel relieved soon. Love, Fran

Kristin said...

I had an absess under my right arm, in the armpit. Totally sucked, so I completely understand the pain of everything you are going through. You are lucky they can put in drainage tubes, I had to have surgery and be packed for about a week until it closed up enough. All in all, the surgery and packing wasn't bad, although my star of a husband had to do the packing, twice a day! Poor guy. Only the first two packing changes hurt, after that, it was pretty easy. It's really a relief to get it gone, so good luck tomorrow! And I hope you heal quickly.