Friday, November 9, 2012

The day the Wubby broke.

Sophie was sitting on my lap last Saturday when she said "look what happened mommy." Her beloved kitty cat Wubbanub was broken. The plastic on the nipple part was torn. I'm confident she did this herself, as she likes to play with the damn thing, in addition to keeping it jammed in her mouth.

"I have idea!" What's your idea, Soph? "We fix it." Sorry baby, we can't fix it. And that was that.

She still carries it from room to room with her. And, if she really needs soothing will TRY to suck on it, but I know it's useless, lol. I have no interest in taking it away from her; I'll let her decide when she's ready. We do have several other Wubby's around the house. Although Avery will simply throw the thing across the room if we try to give it to her, Connor will sometimes use it in the evening. My fear has been that she'll "attach" to another one, but so far so good. Just last night I saw her find one and take it to Connor "Here Connor. I found your Wubby."

This really could be too good to be true!  Next stop...peeing on the potty!

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you girl. We gave up this paci this last year and for months I was afraid she would find one that we had lost around the house and she has but she says "this is for babies" now. She will pee on the potty when we sit her on it, but she won't tell me she has to go and she flat out refuses to poop on it. We're getting there! Can't believe our big girls are almost 3.