Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pull-ups and "hi, mommy"

Wow, it really seems like 2 weeks ago some flip switched inside Sophie. The same weekend that her wubby broke, she suddenly decided she was done with dipes. My mom handed her one the other day and Sophie looked at her like "WTF is that thing." She will ONLY wear pull ups. This means that she's also regressed a bit, in that she's refusing underwear but that's OK. I consider this a MAJOR victory in the potty training arena.

She spent 3 days with my parents this past weekend, the longest she's been gone from home. She peed on the potty every.two.hours. This is also because my mother had the time to encourage this behavior. She's now peeing on the potty at daycare 2-3 times a day. She LOVES to show me her stickers when I pick her up each day:) But then, of course, it all goes down hill when we get home. Clearly, I don't have the time to make sure she pees every two hours, NOR would she be too hip on this idea.  But she's making HUGE progress.  Here's hoping we're done with pull ups by her birthday in December:)
Also, today was the first day she actually talked into the phone. Usually, she loves to play with it, press buttons, etc, but adamantly refuses to talk. Today, Dan called me and she got on the phone and said "hi mommy." Am I a complete fake because it made me cry? She's a big girl now. It's showing in so many ways. While thrilled for her, and her independence, it makes me sad.

I was holding Connor last night, cradling him in my arms, and I realized that I won't always be able to do this. I just want to soak it all in. Something I realized awhile ago, that I'm reminded of every now and again, is that I rarely held the babies while they ate. I breastfed each one twice, while they were in the NICU, but once we came home, whether it was formula or pumped milk, they usually were just propped in a boppy to take their bottles. It makes me sad, but it's the reality of twins I think.  

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Christine C. Moore said...

My boy/girl twins turned 3 in August. Potty training has been crazy tough, unlike our 1st. She did great and no issues after age 2. Best wishes to you.