Thursday, November 8, 2012


We just truly have the worst medical luck. Yes, I know it could be much MUCH worse, but this is the latest diagnosis for this little guy.

I was most worried about Sophie, who was REALLY snotty last week. She was being woken up from her coughing (NEVER a good sign with asthma) but she seems to have skipped the nasty stuff and passed it on to babies. I got home Tuesday night to a wheezing Connor. I stupidly tried to give him Albuterol via inhaler. Not.so.much. Once I built up the nerve (and energy) to attempt a nebulizer treatment with an already cranky little man, it took care of the wheezing, but then it was back a few hours later. Second neb down, and it again took care of the wheezing. He'd been retracting the entire time, although not too bad. Aside from the cranky mood, he didn't seem to be in distress at all, so we rode it out. Dan was no help when I asked if we should go to ER, he basically left it up to me.

I was so torn to let him ride it out until the pedi opened at 8, or take him in. We opted to wait and see, and although he was retracting throughout the night (trust me, I barely slept), he slept soundly, no fever, no tossing/turning, nothing. I did give him another neb treatment when he woke at 7, but it didn't touch the retractions.

We were able to get in at 10, where the dr ordered ANOTHER neb treatment. The dr agreed that the meds were not touching the retractions. Although they were my worst worry, because Sophie has shown us just how serious they can be, the dr was more worried about some lovely "crunchy" stuff in his lungs. Soooo, off we went for a chest x-ray. Of course, the two pics they got of his lungs couldn't definatively tell us if it was pneumonia or not. She said she saw alot of junk, but just couldn't tell if it was infected. Therefore, we are assuming worst case scenario and he's now on antibiotics for pneumonia.

He is ALOT better. Two days ago, my normally happy little guy would suddenly stop playing, just to lie on the floor and moan:( So, either it was a very quick and nasty virus or it IS pneumonia and the meds have started working. In the mean time, Avery is now wheezing. Lovely:/

Side note: I'm sorry, but my babies have the most fabulous cheeks ever created:)

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Fran said...

Oh I'm so sorry! Poor baby...I'm glad he's doing better and I hope the other one isn't catching the same!