Wednesday, August 8, 2012

11 months!

The twins were 11 months on Monday. I can't really question "how did that happen" because quite honestly I have felt every day of it!

They are growing, thriving, becoming very independent (or at least WANT to be independent) little people.

AVERY (baby A)
1) 20.5 pounds, at least by my bathroom scale
2) hair turning blonde
3) eyes still blue. I guess there's still time, but I assumed they'd turn brown.
4) loves.to.eat. Seriously, the kids a vaccuum, including eating off the floor before I get a chance to clean the floor are their high chairs. So far, I haven't found anything she doesn't like.
5) Demanding
6) Fearless
7) Such a cuddler
8) Pulls to stand easily
9) 2 teeth, with 2 just barely broken through on top
10) Doesn't prefer sitting; she's always on the go. Although still working on crawling on all fours, her preferred method is the low crawl. The girl can move!
11) My guess is she'll be walking within 6 weeks.

CONNOR (baby B)
1) 20 pounds. How he weighs less than A, I have no idea.
2) Red:)  and he has curls in the same place that Sophie did, top of his head and around his ears:)
3) Blue, but this is no surprise to me. I imagine he'll end up being the male version of Sophie.
4) Eating: could take it or leave it. Unless it's something sweet, he takes his time.
5) Calm, cool, collected. Unless he's sick/teething, the only time he cries is if you take his toy away.
6) Curious.
7) LOVES to smile:)
8) Has recently started pulling to stand. His legs are no where close to as strong as A's, but he's catching up.
9) 6 teeth, with a 7th on the way (my little dental over-achiever)
10) He has perfected the crawl a little, and then immediately sit up and look around. Lather, rinse, repeat. It's like he wants to make sure he's not missing something.
11) He takes his time with everything. I have no good guess on when he might be walking.

ROAR! Here's A showing off her "almost" teeth."

A more reserved Avery.

Classic Connor. This boy looks like this 90% of the time. Sweet guy:)

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Fran said...

Those blue eyes are staying blue my dear!! happy 11 months to the thriving children and well done to you in these 11 months!