Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My sweet, sweet Sophia is 2.5 years old today. I still look at her in awe and amazement; I suppose I always will. Her features continue to change. She’s no longer a baby and has started taking on that little girl look. It makes me sad, but also so curious about the things to come. She has a love hate relationship with her siblings. One second she will be actively playing with them, and the next she is screaming at Avery because she took one of her toys.

She hugs and kisses her brother and sister. She will tell me and Dan that she loves us, completely unprompted. Hearing “lub you mommy” melts my heart every time.

1) Size 5 diaper

2) 32 pounds; 34 inches

3) Wearing 2T and 3T clothes. 2T on bottom, 3T on top because she likes to make sure her belly is covered:)

4) her hair continues to lighten. She got it cut a few weeks ago and the hairdresser mentioned that her "new" hair is very very blonde.

5) Grey-blue eyes.

6) Definately has phases of food likes and dislikes. Likes are "usually" cheese, chicken nuggets, goldfish, bananas, grapes.

7) STILL sleeping in our bed. I have GOT to work on this.

8) Is saying many 5 word phrases, and has started repeating things she hears. Most recently, and I LOVE this, she has started to say “xxxx (Insert toy, piece of clothing, food), that’s my favorite.” She clearly doesn’t know what favorite means, because everything is her “favorite.” When you say something she doesn’t like she says “no say that.” A common response from her is “me is.” For example, who’s going shopping? Me is!

9) She goes through phases of self potty training. We’re currently in the phase when she prefers diapers.

10) She had her first dentist appt a few weeks ago, and has a complete set of teeth---2 year molars are in. Dentist warned us to start saving for braces, as she has a mouth full of teeth.

11) She is SO shy in front of the camera. I can rarely get a smile.

12) She has officially been put in "time out", when she actually understood what was going on. She's not a fan. She likes to hit, and then laugh

I love this picture of her, and the chairs. I was going to get just one for her, and then realized if I'm getting one, I better get three:) They'll be well used next summer, I'm sure!

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