Friday, October 7, 2011

We're here. We're home

We actually brought the twins home THREE weeks ago, when they were 10 days old. It's taken me this long to sit down to write. What I should be writing about is their coming home day, but what I really need to get out is the HELL that has broken out in the last 48 hours.

I don't know what happened. Two nights ago, I got three 30 minute stretches of sleep, plus 1.5 hours from 6:30 until 8 am, when Sophie woke up. Avery and Connor were up all night. When when calmed down, the other woke. Vice versa. It wasn't just a matter of being awake, but they were screaming. In pain.

Avery has been more fussy from the beginning, so it through me for a curve when Connor joined in. Last night was just ridiculous.

We fed them at 9, and before 10 Avery was screaming again. I couldn't make her stop. We tried gas drops, we tried more burping. Everything. Finally, I brought her into bed with me. YES! I know it's wrong. I was watching TV though, and she finally passed out on my stomach. Sophie was also in bed with me, and would not stay still. She slept in every imaginable position. I finally drifted to sleep, hearing Dan's snores coming from the family room. I woke up to Avery's snot bubble nose, in and out, in and out. The options were to continue to listen to the snot bubbles, or risk getting up (thus, waking her up), to find the battery operated snot snucker that she loves (NOT) so much. Obviously, I opted to not move.

I never did really go to sleep, paranoid that something would happen to Avery. About midnight, I looked over and I saw Sophie falling off of our KING size bed onto the HARD wood floor. I saw it, but I couldn't stop it. She fell HEAD first, shrieking. I moved as fast as I could, putting Avery down and getting to Sophie. She jumped on me like a little monkey and wouldn't let go. It was dark, so my assessment of her injuries was minimal. I finally realized that not only did I need feel any blood, I also didn't feel any tears. I think it just scared the crap out of her, as it did me.

Finally after their 3 am feeding, I swaddled both babies, which seemed to help.

I'm going on NO sleep. I have no idea what is wrong with them. I have been drinking a fair amount of caffeine, so have officially cut that out of my diet in the event that it is upsetting their bellies. If that doesn't work, I don't know what else to try.

Is this colic?? Not officially, according to the medical definition, but we are getting there.


mag said...

I will keep this short - I don't have direct experience and I'm sure many of your readers do. But my SIL just went through this same thing, and it came to be that her newborn was not doing well with breastfeeding if my SIL had dairy in her system. As soon as she cut cheese and milk and whatnot out, baby was fine.

Hope you find some answers as soon as possible! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

yea you may need to try anb elimination diet if you want them on BM...but i would talk to the pedi first about what to try cutting out. there are some amazing bfing supports out there like kellymom and theleakyb@@b and you can check out both on fb even if this isnt bfing related.

z was very similar for a few weeks in the beginning. we invested in a great vibrating seat that he could sit/sleep in - its here if you want it. z was also, and still is a tummy sleeper, if they sleep on their tummy, even just a nap, is it better? lakshmi