Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1 week later...

we're still here...still surviving.

Thanks to those who suggested babies might have a dairy allergy. We had a pedi appt the day after my last post, and it appears that may be the problem. I brought up reflux, but pedi poo-poo-ed that idea. She suggested I cut out dairy and see what happens.

So, almost a week later, this milk drinking, CHEESE EATING girl is dairy free. I've cut out all obvious dairy, milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. I am guilty of some of the hidden dairy in recipes, but I have to start somewhere. The gassiness and fussiness seems to be less. Still there, but definately less. More spitting, more tooting, but less tightness in abdomen for sure. I'm still caffeine free as well, except for the Coke I got at McD's today, along with my cheese-less quarter pounder (do NOT recommend:().

And, apparently I've been starving them, which could also be some of the fussiness! The few days prior to the appt I noticed both of them chewing on their fingers at times. Dr. R gave the ok to increase their feeding amount, so we went from 75 to 90 ml's. A few days after that, I noticed Avery still seemed hungry, so I upped her to 100 ml's, just a bit more than 3 oz.

Otherwise the 1 month appt was good. Both babies weighed 7 pounds, which we were thrilled with. Hard to believe they STILL aren't as big as Sophie when she was born.

In more dr news, we had an ultrasound done of their hips today, which was recommended due to 1) the family history of hip dysplasia (Sophie) and 2) the fact that they were both breech. Those results will be sent to the pedi, who will let us know how they look, I guess. The u/s tech seemed extremely knowledgable but I knew she couldn't tell us anything, so didn't even bother to ask.

I'm in the process of trying to stretch them to 3.5 or 4 hours between feeds. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. They still typically wake at about the 3 hour mark, but I seems they wake from gassiness/discomfort, not necessarily hunger.

Here are a few current pics!
This is how we've been rolling in the morning. Babies are starting to stay awake after feedings, especially in the morning, so I do what I can to keep them stimulated. Avery especially loves to look at herself in the mirror---typical girl, right??? This one was after a 7 am feeding I think. Sophie of course wants in on the action so I have to find a way to include her. In this pic I had just asked her to put the package of diapers into the diaper bin. I don't think any actually made it into the bin;)

I love both of these. I actually think they resemble each other:)

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mag said...

Yay, I'm so glad things are calming down with their tummies. What a relief that has to be. Although I totally feel your pain about the no-cheese. I am obsessed with cheese.

Amazing pics :) Beautiful babies!!