Wednesday, June 22, 2011

misc updates

Dan washed my camera. Yes, that's right. He turned the dryer on and heard the tell-tale thumping of something in the dryer that was NOT a piece of clothing. He said "damn, I hope that wan't my phone!" Well, lucky for him it wasn't, but it was indeed my camera. I loved my little camera, so compact, so easy to use. Luckily, we have a back-up, but unfortunately don't have the cable to connect it to the computer for downloading, so looks like I'm getting a new camera! Until then, no pics:(

Sophie's first day at her music class went as well as it could. She was the youngest, and the only one not talking, but I think she really did enjoy the socialization. We went back yesterday, and I left her after about 15 minutes. I waited until she was really INTO something and slowly walked out. It was hard, and I only just moved to the porch of this lady's house. But, Sophie did great. They came out at the hour mark for a break, and I took that opportunity to take her home. Next time, we'll try for 1.5 hours. She's not really going to get much out of the class, lol, but I feel good that she is around other little people her age. They do alot of clapping, general rythm stuff, and sing some kid songs:)

ALSO, and this is BIG news...we signed her up for daycare. Starting mid-August she'll be going two days a week to an in-home daycare. Dan REALLY fought me on it, and I think that the root of it was that he thought I was saying he isn't good enough to watch her. I had to explain to him that 1) this is about her and NOT him, and she's at the point where she needs to socialize, learn to share, see the world outside of our condo, and that 2) when these babies come he is going to be so grateful when I take Sophie with me in the morning.

I have mixed feelings about it. I'm stuck on the fact that I am changing her world to make room for these babies. I know it's not all about that, but it makes me feel bad. I KNOW she needs to get out into the world. My parents were total "live in a bubble" type of people when it came to me. I will NOT be like that with Sophie, nor do I want to. My dad would probably fall over dead if he knew that one of the boys in her music class is African American, and another one is mulatto. Oh the horror, lol!

I also hate that we'll be sending her to daycare when I am home on maternity leave. I feel like she should be home with us then, but I know consistency is important, and I know she'll be getting a lot more (and quality) attention at daycare than I'll be able to provide her with newborn twins.

But it's hard. I'm still struggling dailey with the fact that I am bringing two new little people into her world, to take away the attention and love that she is used to. Matter of fact, we're going to stop this convo right here b/c I'm ready to cry just thinking about it.

House news...it's official...we close on our house tomorrow at 3 pm!!! After the hell we've gone through to get to this point, I just hope it works out. AND, we have tenant signatures on our leasing agreement so that is offical too!!!

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Lucy said...

Congrats on the house closing! Daycare is tough, but you're right about the socialization. And one baby or two, I've heard from friends that sending the oldest to daycare while on maternity leave is really critical for the early days...I never though of it, but it makes sense now that I know what life was like with just one newborn.