Monday, June 13, 2011

18 months...

Yes, Sophia ACTUALLY turned 18 months on June 5...and it's now June 13...but it's the best I can do, lol. Our life is crazy right now.
Official stats:
1) 26.2 pounds (50-75th percentile)
2) I forgot her actual height (!!),but it is 25-50th percentile. She's finally perking up!
3) Head is still 75-90th percentile!

Dr. R said everything is looking good. I had to fill out a survey that shows early indicators of autism...she has none, but I knew that. Dr really questioned us about her vocab, which I knew she would, but I'm not worried. No shots, thankfully!

Unofficial stats:
1) gives kisses...when you see her tight lipped and saying "mmmmmmmmm" you know she wants a kiss. She even does this to Sierra. They are few and far between though, so you're very lucky if she picks you:)
2) The hugs just get better. Feeling her little arms squeeze so tightly around my neck is just about the best thing ever.
3) She also uses "hugs" to try to get out of something. For example, every night "jammy time" is turning into a run for Dan, begged to be picked up, and then hold on tightly to him...until I come find her and whisk her away like a bad mom, lol.
4) She also has started running and "hiding" when it's time for a diaper change.
5) Sierra gets hugs too.
6) If you are really lucky the hugs are accompanied by pats on the back, or head:)
7) 18-24 month clothes; size 4 dipes, size 5 nighttime dipes
8) not only does she squat when she poos, she has started to tap her diaper when she pees. Dr. R gave us the go ahead to try some potty training whenever we are ready.
9) Has taken a sudden liking to the fork, but still needs help in spearing whatever it is she wants to eat.
10) Incisors should be coming soon...I give it two weeks for the first one. Lots of drooling going on.
11) When she gets excited she SQUEELS. It's the best. Her focal range is up there with Mariah:)
12) SHe LOVES balls, any size, any texture. She loves them. She likes to roll them, but LOVES to kick them.
13) Bubbles are also a newish favorite of hers. We blow them in the house for her, we are bad parents!
14) When she wants to go somewhere she will either a) come to us with some combo of her shoes, our keys, my purse, or b) we'll find her at the front door with shoes in hand. Sometimes her baby doll is also waiting patiently in her stroller at the front door;)
15) When she's ready for bed, she'll a) come to me with her milk, and 3 wubbies, or b) she'll drag a pillow off of our bed into the living room.
16)I try really hard not to freak out when she falls outside. I've taught her to "brush herself off" if she does fall, which consists of standing, wiping her knees, and then rubbing her hands together to get the dirt off. Super cute:)
17) She LOVES Sierra's leash. It's annoying.
18) She smiles for the camera now:)

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