Thursday, June 16, 2011

The chaos that is buying/selling (renting) a house...

For those following along in our home search/home buy/home sell drama, I finally feel fairly confident in updating what is going on. I think I'm past the stage where I feel I might "jinx" something. Here is the run-down.
1) Our condo went on the market in mid January.
2) Despite MANY private showings, we didn't get ONE offer.
3) Early February, we found a house in a cute little neighborhood, in the school district in which Dan grew up (this was his requirement). It's a fairly expensive area, so for us to find something that we liked/could afford, was a big deal.
4) We put in an offer, they countered, we played the house buying game, and agreed on a price.
5) Then came the financing snafu, which was BEYOND difficult because we hadn't sold our condo. I will save all the dirty details of that, but we finally made it work. ***How we were going to pay two mortgages for an extended period of time, I didn't know, but I was on a mission.***
6. Late February, I started hinting to Dan that we should be open to the idea of renting our condo. He was SO against it at the time, we could not even have a conversation. Seriously, he just blew up and wouldn't even entertain the idea. Because I know him so well, I waited a few weeks, brought it up again, his reaction was slightly better, but still FAR from accepting of the idea. Lather, rinse, repeat, several times.
7. I finally wore him down, lol, but did it in as rational, logical a way as a could. I gathered the facts, put them in front of him and didn't back down:) He agreed to try to rent, if we work with an agency (as opposed to putting a random ad on Craiglist).
8. We met with an agent who LOVED our condo, and Dan loved her. We had showings just a few days later.
9. Yesterday, we signed a leasing agreement for a couple that is moving in from out of state. I googled them (of course) and think it's a great thing. They are both PhD's, and the husband is also a J.D. He will be teaching at a local university this fall. The best news is that the rent they are paying will take care of ALL of our mortgage, plus our condo fees. Phew.

I just really need to start wrapping things up in pretty little packages. I'm done with not knowing what is going to happen. We close on our new house next Thursday, and move the following Monday. Gathering all of the documents for our new home loan has been one of the most stressful things for me. It's still not "tied up" yet, but it's close. The underwriters are going to give me a heart attack. My mom doesn't know "how you've been carrying two babies with all the stress you are under." Gee, thanks mom. You really know how to make a pregnant girl feel good.

Speaking of that, I saw my OB on Tues. We did a growth u/s and both babies look great. Baby girl is 1.7 pounds, and Baby boy is 1.8 pounds. Although these weights sounds REALLY close together,it's actually a 3% difference. They don't start to worry though, until the difference is about 10%. So I'm feeling good about that. My cervix was measuring 3.75 so we're good there.

Dr. is starting to lay down the law again about my taking it easy. She said in this next month (prior to next appt), she wants me to start "listening" to my body, and go hoome early if I need/take a nap/whatever. My boss is totally cool with this, but it's just not my personality. Plus, I don't want to use my leave time now. But, I will listen to her, especially after the house closing/move is over. I'll be taking several partial days off in the next few weeks to deal with that, but once July hits, I may cut down an hour a day. She also said that at my next appt, she was probably going to ask me to cut down 2-3 hours a day. I still have mixed feelings about this, if I am feeling good, but I will do what she says.

Starting to babble now...will post later about Sophie's first music class and potential daycare:)

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