Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little cantelope is a....


Our 20 week u/s was yesterday. First things first, McBaby looked great. They took several measurements that were all fine, and checked out stomach, kidneys and bladder. All good.

The news everyone has been waiting for is that it is MISS McBaby:-) We are ecstatic!!!!!!

Sara came with us (since she works right down the block) and took a picture of us as the tech was showing us the goods. Yes, I was clapping:-)

She (wow, SHE!!) was once again a stubborn little thing, so we were there for quite awhile while they were getting all the measurements/pictures they needed. I declined the amnio. Even if our NT scan would have come back high-risk I wouldn't have done the amnio, so my turning it down was a no-brainer. She looked so squished in there, I have no idea how she will be comfy at the end! We also got to see her making little sucking motions with her lips. CUTE!!!!!

At this point, she is still nameless, although we have a definate front runner for first name. Arguing a bit about middle name. We'll see who wins;-)




20 weeks (and 10 pounds)



Kristin said...

congrats congrats congrats! such exciting news!

Bluebird said...

AwW, I'm so excited for you! And what precious photos of your little girl :)

Jen Wargo said...

I'm so happy for you! Our girls will be very close in age. They'll have to be internet friends too.

Lakshmi said...

congratumalations - alex's future girlfriend.

Mrs. Almonds Joy said...

YAY for pink! Her feet picture is precious!

Jennifer said...

She's a beauty -- congrats!!!

Jen said...

Awesome! I'm so excited for you! Congrats. :)

Fran said...

Stacey first of all you look absolutely fab!!! And tons of congrats for your little Miss sunshine!!

Hippie Family... said...

AWW AWESOME!!! I am so glad for you! I now have this overwhelming memory of my visit, I am sure it was a lot more for you. SHE.. WOW!!! YA!!

Fran said...

There's an Honest Scrap award for you here!

Love, Fran