Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting better!

Sorry not to update sooner. My appt with surgeon on Wed was more eventful than expected, but ended on a good note. I saw his nurse practitioner first, who was very concerned with some scar tissue-like feeling by the abscess. She left me in the office saying she assumed we'd have to go the incision route b/c although things seemed to be healing, she thought things weren't draining properly. I about lost it and was a nervous wreck waiting for surgeon. Not what I expected after being such a trooper for the week and adhering to their directions by the book. However, the surgeon was more optimistic but ended up sending me for an u/s just to make sure the drain was in the right spot.

Getting an u/s is not an easy task and required that I go through admissions like a patient, as I had last week to get the drain put in. Long story short, it appears the abscess has been drained, but the dr who did the u/s wanted to give me another week with the drain in, to ensure the pocket doesn't fill up again. Add another 10 days of 2000 mg per day antiobiotics and hopefully I will be "fixed" by Tues when I have an appt to take the damn thing out.

Oh, and turns out the infection was staph. Lovely.

Thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes:) Hopefully I'll have completely good news to report next week.


Fran said...

Looking forward to read about your full recovery my friend! One more week, you can do it! Fran

Stacy said...

Hope you get good news on Tuesday!