Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Avocado week...

is almost history!!!

I've been so swamped at work that when I get home I have no desire to get online at all. So avocado week has come, and almost gone, and no report of it here. Tomorrow starts a new week, so stay tuned (I have no idea which fruit/veggie is next).

The good thing about being so busy is that I don't have time to obsess. Much. I've been feeling really great! Nauseau is gone, fatigue is all but gone, and the reflux is managable without meds. What's bad about all these "bad" things being gone, is that it's hard to realize I'm still pregnant. Feeling bad reassured me. I'm trying to just go with it, but it's hard. I feel normal.

My belly is starting to grow a teeny bit. I had my first "are you pregnant" question from someone yesterday, so that was fun. Although she spoiled it by following up with "or maybe you've just gained a few pounds." Smooth lady, real smooth.

Belly is definately bigger in the evening than the morning. I'm wearing mostly maternity pants, except for a few bigger pairs of regular pants I've pulled from the back of the closet. My tops are still mostly regular, just in bigger sizes. I SWIM in maternity tops. Just don't have the belly for it yet, I guess:-)

I made my FIRST trip to Babys RUs last weekend. How I've managed to avoid that place all these years is still being me. Thank goodness for online shopping. Anyhoo...it was ok, not too overwhelming. There are just so many THINGS, and so many STYLES of things. I don't understand how you decide what you need/want!

I'm also extremely happy to report that several of my internet/blog friends recently had their babies, and of course they are beautiful! How could they not be?? And a few others who have been struggling to get pregnant have finally made it. So YEAH for them!!!!!


Lucy said...

It's nice to be busy and not have to worry!

Fran said...

Glad to read about you again! i think the growing belly and most importantly the movements will reassure you constantly, so not long now! Love, Fran

Heidi said...

Glad you're feeling better! Was a little worried when there wasn't a new "fruit update" last Thursday. Wait, you mean you have a LIFE? Pshaw!;)